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We are proud to be
Gentlemen with Attitude.

The men behind Barbaard started their journey in Amsterdam and brought their passion for Gentlemen’s lifestyle to Vietnam during the fall of 2015. From the beginning Barbaard started off by bringing  a curated selection of premium grooming products  to Vietnam.

Soon the company lead by Tom and Guido became the number one source for quality grooming products. Quickly after, their eye for service, quality and style paid off which resulted that at the beginning of 2017, their first grooming sanctuary House of Barbaard opened its doors in Hanoi. Their House is a representation of a classic European barbershop with a stylish yet easy-going approach. With the help of Dutch barbers, they developed Vietnam’s first professional training program which currently brings some of the country’s most skilled and passionate barbers to their work floor. One year later, their second location opened in Ho Chi Minh City, this time also including a 1920s themed Lounge fitting the recognisable Barbaard “Gentlemen with Attitude” style.

Their vision has always been to create that special place where people could truly unwind from the busy city life and where people could escape to a classy yet relaxed atmosphere. Founded by two Dutchies, the company is now run as a true multicultural family and embodies the Gentlemen with Attitude philosophy characterised by style, class and humbleness.

This Barbaard Supply Co. has been established to serve unconditionally as your the favourite resource for all of your grooming, clothing, accessories and other Gentlemen’s desires. With over 4 years experience in sourcing the best Gentleman’s products,  you can rest assured with that quality guarantee which you would expect from us.

Recently, we have introduced our own line of clothing with materials that we selected from high quality imported sources originating from Italy, The Netherlands, Egypt and India. With respect to our European heritage we are working with some of Vietnam’s most skilful craftsmen to create something truthfully legendary for you.

We are just getting started.


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