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    Reuzel Beard Foam

    Description: Reuzel Beard Foam is a patent-pending, leave-in beard conditioner that helps to tame and control your facial hair. It is designed to deodorize and moisturise your beard, and it's easy to fit into your daily routine. This versatile product also works to help get rid of dandruff and prevent future dandruff flakes from forming. The Break Down: - Light Hold - Low Shine - Deodorises - Formulated to reduce itch & beard ruff - Tames rogue hairs - Softens coarse hair while knocking out that funky smell - Instantly makes your beard appear thicker - Keeps beard and skin under your facial hair moisturised - Weight 70ml - Made in the USA Styling Guide: Cleanse and dry your beard. Then dispense 2 pumps (depending on beard length) into palms and apply evenly through towel dried beard. Rub foam into the skin under your beard to nourish hair at the roots. Next, spread through beard using a wide tooth comb. Can even use as a leave-in conditioner for men with curly or unruly hair, or a dry scalp.