Barbaard Shirt – The Persian Executive & Barbaard Socks

Barbaard Shirt – The Persian Executive & Barbaard Socks


Think of a charismatic Persian business man travelling to Europe and you understand the essence of this unique Barbaard shirt. When closing all buttons of this shirt, it is perfect for formal occasions, yet after unbuttoning your collar and rolling up your sleeves it shows character. The combination of the Royal Oxford weave and Paisley contrast fabric makes this shirt perfect for those men seeking something traditional but smart.

With the introduction of Barbaard shirts, a bold Gentleman’s tradition has made its debut. Our shirts are hand crafted to match your style and charisma and come with a matching pair of combed-cotton socks of your choice. Our grandfathers have taught us that socks are supposed to match our trousers. However, the Gentlemen with Attitude love their Victorian and Art Deco patterned socks and are now setting a new course by matching their socks to the shirt’s Barbaard Button. It’s that one unique button which is thoughtfully located on your breast, lacquered by gold and matching the colour and pattern of your socks.
Button your shirt all the way up for formal occasions or choose to loosen up to the Barbaard button whenever you like to express your inner Gentleman with Attitude.

More about “The Persian Executive”:
– Slim Italian fit
– Two button spread collar
– Two button cuff, Round cut
– Light blue with dark blue and beige accents
– Fabric from Canclini, Italy
– 100% Giza 45 Egyptian cotton, Royal Oxford 140s 2-ply
– Breathable and strong cotton.
– Customisable with your personal Barbaard button matching your socks
– Available in 7 sizes
– Tailored in a manner to fit both short and long arm lengths.
– Made in Hanoi, by our own team of tailors.

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Art Deco - Blue & PinkArt Deco - Blue & PinkArt Deco - Dark green & GoldArt Deco - Dark green & GoldArt Deco - Red & YellowArt Deco - Red & YellowVictorian - Pink & YellowVictorian - Pink & YellowVictorian - Purple & OrangeVictorian - Purple & OrangeVictorian - Teal & OrangeVictorian - Teal & Orange
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Dress Shirt

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The Persian Executive


Light Blue


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