Dapper Dan – Super Heavy Hold Pomade


The Dapper Dan Pomade Strong is a traditionally manufactured, heavy weight pomade with a mild flowery fragrance. This is a great working and heavy holding oil based pomade. It has a nice all day hold with a very healthy shine. It also smells great without it being overpowering. It is ideal for typical hairstyles of the 1920-50s, such as Slick Backs and Pompadours /Quiffs. It offers, depending on the applied amount of pomade, a medium to firm hold and an elegant sheen.

The Dapper Dan Pomade Strong provides the hair with a good shape thanks to petrolatum and micro wax, and with an elegant luster thanks to coconut oil. The hold of the Dapper Dan Pomade is excellent due to the very heavy Carnauba Wax, the hair care abilities are rich due to the contained Coconut Oil. In addition, the scalp is protected against environmental influences by stearic acid – a fatty acid used for pomades.

Styling Guide:
Start with a very small amount and slightly damp to dry hair. Work it in and start styling. Apply more as needed. To wash out, rinse with warm water and shampoo. It only takes one go.

Key Dapper Dan Ingredients:
Beeswax, Castor Seed oil, Vitamin E, Petrolatum, Hair Nourishing Coconut Oil, The Extra Ordinary Carnauba Wax, Skin-Protecting Stearic Acid

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Dapper Dan

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Water based, Oil based


Heavy hold


High shine


100 ml.


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