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Reuzel Hair Tonic can be used on any hair type and is non-greasy. It has a very sporty, refreshing scent and can be used between work and play to revitalise your hairstyle and freshen your appearance. This tonic is weightless but does provide some hold to your hair. Besides, it is also perfect for head massages and for wetting the hair during a haircut. When using this tonic there is no need to wash the hair during a haircut, this is great as old-school barbers often don’t wash the hair during a service.

The Break Down:
– Light hold
– Low shine
– Oil free, greaseless formula won’t weigh your hair down
– Breaks down existing product on dry hair prior to a cut
– Can be used as a cutting lotion on wet hair

Styling Guide:
Apply men’s hair tonic directly to dry hair or dilute in water and spray onto hair before cutting. Perfect companion for any Reuzel user as a second day application as well.

Beat the tropical heat by keeping your bottle in the refrigerator and use as a cooling lotion for scalp & neck massages.

Key Reuzel Hair Tonic Ingredients:
T-4 Tonic Blend
Witch Hazel Extract: Natural astringent
Nettle Leaf Extract: Adds shine
Rosemary Extract: Moisturizing
Horsetail Root Extract: Strengthening
Plant Based Alcohol: Properties soften hair and make Hair Tonic a good cutting agent

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