Reuzel Red


Reuzel Red Water Soluble Pomade includes a unique combination of ingredients which allows pomade to wash out of hair easily. It washes out without leaving residue or build up. This high shine, men’s hair styling product offers a medium hold, that allows you to re-style hair throughout the day as needed. Designed for all hair types and textures, use this non greasy formula to perfect any style.

The Break Down:
– Medium hold
– High shine
– No dry formula
– Keeps high shine hold all day without flaking
– Easy rinse out, water soluble
– Subtle vanilla cola fragrance

Styling Guide:
Rub one to two knuckles full between palms to soften. Apply this pomade to dry or slightly damp hair, starting at the crown and working toward front. Work product scalp to ends and liberally coat hair. Use additional pomade over any dry spots if necessary. Finish styling by combing hair into desired shape.

Reuzel Red Pomade for men can be used as a base under a Reuzel grease styling product for an easier rinse-out. Great for all hair types and textures.

Key Reuzel Red Pomade Ingredient:
Castor Oil: Encourages moisture & manageability

35 gr.35 gr.113 Gr.113 gr.340 gr.340 gr.

Additional information

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Product Type



Water based


Medium hold


High shine


35 gr., 113 gr., 340 gr.


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