Reuzel – Shave Cream


Reuzel shaving cream: once you’ve tried it, you won’t want any other.
This concentrated, rich velvety formula helps you create a smooth shave without injuries. It includes a unique combination of oils and sliding substances, combined with a powerful skin conditioner. The rich and high density foam protects the skin from unnecessary friction and improves the lubricity of the blade. This helps you have a precise and comfortable shave, reduces cuts, scratches and cracks, leaving skin feeling soft and supple.
The texture is luxuriously soft creamy with a very nice, fresh and mild scent which seems nostalgic and modern.
Styling Guide:
You can use the Reuzel shaving foam with or without a shaving brush. For 30 seconds, rub the skin in the shower or over the washbasin with the hottest water you can just tolerate. Apply to the beard by hand or with a shaving brush. Now you can shave in the direction of growth while rinsing the razor regularly. For an even more thorough shave you can try to shave against the line.
Not only with the very nice can in the look of the eighteenth century, the makers had made an effort.
Packed in a chic yet nostalgic metal can with a screw cap.
Key Reuzel – Shave Cream Ingredients:
Nourishing glycerin, astringent aloe juice, horseradish, calming hamamelis, skin caring quinoa, antimicrobial rosemary, stimulating nettle
96 gr.96 gr.283 gr.283 gr.

Additional information

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Product Type

Shaving cream

Shaving Phase


Shaving Method

Brushless, Lathering


96 gr., 283 gr.


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